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Happisburgh Owls consists of a team of competent, passionate and experienced employees.

Allow us to introduce them to you on this page.

Sandra Dalzell



has owned and trained Owls for over 20 plus years, never having children (by choice) my life has been devoted to the care of fur & feather.

I hope my passion, love & devotion comes across to all you friends and visitors when you visit.


Telephone number

01692 651501



Darwin Manthorpe



has always had a fascination with owls. He currently has 2 barn owls, a burrowing owl and has taken on two rescue Tawny Owls.

He has studied at Easton College to be an ornithologist and helping us with the owls on a regular basis as part of his study. 

He studied at Cambridge and has a first in Zoology & Biology, we are very proud to see how he has grown over the years with us.

Happisburgh Owls are extremely proud of this young man.

Pictured with our young Spectacled Owl "Laser"

Alec Shearer



has been training & flying Birds of Prey since the age of 10, he has worked at many falconry centre's around the U.K over the years. He has also flown his birds which have included Hawks, Falcons, Owls, Vultures & Eagles at most County & Country Shows in the U.K & Northern Ireland.

He is a fully qualified Pest Controller and uses his Hawks & Falcons on a daily basis for bird deterrent purposes, chasing pigeons & gulls away from businesses in Norfolk/Suffolk.

He is a Raptor Awards Provider & Assessor and teaches the art of Falconry and good husbandry.

He has a passion and deep love for all his birds.




Come along and meet him and the rest of the team.

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